First Aid On A Budget #KPS


Expanded Kit in the box

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about First Aid and how even in common household situations it is a good idea to have some basic First Aid supplies and knowledge on hand. It only takes a small slip with a chef’s knife for an evening cooking dinner to turn into a trip to the urgent care center or emergency room for stitches. Having the proper supplies on hand and knowing how to use them can sometimes save hundreds of dollars in doctor’s bills and insurance costs. Continue reading

First Aid Basics



When looking into the basics for disaster and survival preparedness, there are a few staples that cannot be ignored. Food, water, security, and First Aid are typically the big four that most specialists will agree are absolutely necessary. Secure these four things and you’ve gone a long way to ensuring your immediate, if not overall, survival. I did a post on finding water a couple of months back, and today I want to talk about another of the big four survival necessities; First Aid. Continue reading

The “Junk Drawer” #KPS


The “Junk Drawer” at Nanny’s house represents 70+ years of real world readiness experience


There’s a little bit of “prepper” in all of us. No, I don’t mean the dig a bunker in your back yard, claymore the driveway type of prepper.  Like most things in life, being a prepper has various degrees to it, and if we’re honest, we all have a little bit of the prepper mentality.  You can see this clearly by going to your kitchen and opening that one drawer that everyone has that seems to collect every kind of random stuff the human imagination can come up with.  Continue reading