Why I Carry


I have an Alien Gear holster… VERY nice rig.  My carry piece is a S&W MP Shield 9mm



I sit down and I feel it push into my side a little, digging just above where my hip joins my body. When I stand, I can feel the weight pulling at my belt, trying to bring my pants down.  Even with a good quality holster setup, there’s no way to put a pistol on your hip that’s really “comfortable.”  You know it’s there, and you know why it’s there, and there’s nothing comfortable or cool about it.  So why do it at all?  Why go through the trouble, the expense, and the stress of applying for the permit, attending the class, getting the certification at the range, and the fingerprints at the Sheriff’s office all to carry around something that’s heavy, at times painful, and increasingly socially taboo?   Continue reading