Like a Sore Thumb ~El Salvador Mission day2~

Chapel and Cross

Sunday started early. Breakfast was served promptly at 6:45am, and it was tasty. During breakfast, Katy (Kah-TEE), gave us a brief orientation and introduction to the program. She went over some basic information for those of us, like myself, who were new to the Habitat Global Village project. Some of the stats she gave were just staggering. Continue reading

Stranger in a Strange Land ~~El Salvador Mission day 1~~

San Salvador

It’s hard to describe the sense of shock.  Suddenly you don’t recognize street signs and you can’t read billboards.  The pictures are there, sure, and you can even put together meaning every now and then based solely on the images.  But not often.  Usually you just ride around in a weird fog of incomprehension that won’t go away.

And when people speak to you, it’s no better. Continue reading