Book Signing Event!


I am pleased and very excited to announce my first official event as an author….an upcoming book signing and meet the author event here in Charlotte.  On October 15th I will be at Hyatt Coin and Gun store in Charlotte, NC to sign copies of both installments in the Blackout series as well as get the chance to meet some of my awesome readers and fans.  I love reading the comments and feedback that I have received on Amazon, Goodreads, and other venues, but there’s nothing like getting a good face to face conversation with a reader. 

Along with the regular first edition copies of both Storm Tide Rising and Officer of the Watch, I will also have two limited editions of the first book Officer of the Watch available for purchase.  One of the limited editions is a numbered set (1-10) of the book with the original cover design that is no longer in print.  The second limited edition is a numbered set (1-10) of the new cover design that was an error in printing with the wrong brown used.  These error prints were a one time print and will never be seen again, so don’t miss the chance to pick one up.

I want to say a special thank you here to Larry Hyatt and Hyatt Coin and Gun store for allowing me to host this event on their property.  Mr. Hyatt is a long-time supporter of the local artist and arts community, and he has been very generous in allowing me this opportunity.  I hope to have a good crowd show up for the books as well as the chance to browse through one of the largest and best gun stores in the Carolinas (and my go-to place for ammo and firearms purchases).

If you have any questions or need directions, feel free to drop a comment here or look me up on Twitter and Facebook.  Hope to see you guys out on the 15th!


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