Storm Tide Rising Update #STR

Published Kindle Cover 1

I have been fielding a lot of questions from friends and readers about how my second book is doing, so I figured I would post a quick update about Storm Tide Rising, the sequel to Officer of the Watch and second installment in the Blackout series. This book has been out for right at a month now (technically one day shy, but who’s counting?) and the sales have been awesome so far! I crunched the numbers this morning, and as of right now I have sold 1,029 copies of Storm Tide Rising through the Kindle system!!

I just want to say a quick thank you to all of my readers, friends, family, and fans that have taken the time to share these posts on Twitter and Facebook. You guys are my main marketing channel at the moment, and your word of mouth advertising has been a HUGE driving force for my sales. I really appreciate it, and it’s been a major factor in the success of both of these books.

Also, a note to my fellow indie authors and self-published authors out there…. I know some of you have been skeptical about the Kindle Unlimited program, and rightfully so. But, from my own experience as a new author breaking into the industry, the Kindle Unlimited program has been an invaluable resource. More than half of the copies I’ve sold and distributed through the Kindle platform for both books have been through the KU program. And, while I may not get as high a return per copy for those ebooks, it does wonders in boosting sales and increasing visibility. And, for a new and relatively unknown author, there’s nothing better or more valuable than visibility….. with the possible exception of reviews.

This is just my own personal experience, and I know others have had good and bad things to say about the KU program. But, for my two cents, it is absolutely worth it for a new author.

So, thanks again for all of the support and encouragement through this process, and a great big THANK YOU to all of those who have taken the time to leave a review. Those reviews help let other browsing readers know that this series is something worth looking into, and it also helps give me what is at times a much needed boost in confidence and motivation to get to work on the third book!

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of book 3 in the series, Zero Hour.


And, as always, thanks for reading!!


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