My 1st Interview

I had a great conversation last week with Mark Levine of the Hillcrest Media Group.  Mr. Levine posted a write up of the interview on his blog The Fine Print of Self-Publishing

This was my first interview, so I hope I did okay.  I’m very grateful to Mr. Levine for giving me the exposure and for the very kind things he had to say.  Please, stop by and take a look.

We discussed Officer of the Watch and how the sales are trending.  Mr. Levine had some awesome advice for how to increase my visibility and how to take the next step to get OOTW out to a wider audience through a print run.  I have now set up an initial print copy that is print on demand.  I decided to use Create Space since it is associated with Amazon, and my Kindle sales are already doing rather well.  The print copy is currently available at Create Space’s online store here.  In a few days, the print copy should also be available on The Kindle copy is still available here for $0.99 and free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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