1st Print edition!!

After much deliberation and consideration, I have decided to launch a print-on-demand run for Officer of the Watch.  The book will be available through Amazon and CreateSpace, as well as other distribution channels. 

I am working on getting a section up here for sales, but that’s a technical hurdle I haven’t been able to cross yet.  Still very green at this whole website construction deal, but it’s in the works. My cover file and the interior master-file have both been submitted, and at this point all Print coverI am really waiting on is the approval of the cover design.  The interior files have already been reviewed and “ok’d” by the CS staff.  This is my first attempt at physical printing and design, so hopefully everything goes smoothly.   Here is a preview of the print cover that I designed for the book.

The Kindle edition of OOTW is still running strong, and I have been absolutely blown away by the response.  I’m up to the top 5 in most of my categories, and in the 1,000 in Kindle overall on most days, which is just fantastic.  I am so thankful for all of the readers and I hope you enjoy the print copy as much as the digital. I’m still working hard on the 2nd volume.  I won’t embarrass myself by publishing how much I’ve completed… we’ll just call that a work in progress.  I am hoping that as sales pick up I’ll be able to devote more time to writing, and less to marketing, promotions, and other distractions.  One thing keeps me driving forward, and that is the response of the readers.

Among the many nuggets of wisdom that I received from my father over the years is this, “Write something worth reading, or do something worth writing about.”  That was one of my father’s ways of telling his sons to keep an eye on our lives and to guard our integrity, our honor, and our word as preciously as we guard anything else.  I have tried to live up to that example and write things worth reading.  My father focused on the second half of that proverb and did many things worth writing about.  One day soon I hope to be able to sit down with family and friends and compile some his more amazing stories into a posthumous memoir, but that is a project that will take quite some time and devotion.

For now I will content myself with attempting to craft the best possible stories I can, and provide them to you, the readers.  Thank you for reading them and for taking this journey with me.  Who knows what the next horizon may hold?

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